WILLEMS STUDENT MARKETING TEAM // Personal Branding Collection

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Personal Branding, what does that mean anyways? If this is a new phrase for you let me share a little more around the new idea.

We have become a wildly social society. From teens to grandparents, we’ve found a way to share our life. For some, social media is a way to stay connected with friends and family all over the world and to others it’s the storefront to living their dream. If you’re the later of the two a lot of thought goes into your posts, it’s likely strategically thought-out with a consistent message.

I’ve read it takes only 7 seconds to form a first-impression. 7!!! This is where a Personal Branding Session comes in. We start by exploring your mission and what that ideally looks like on screen. We’ll discuss colors, moods, a few wardrobe changes and little details you may want to talk about or share with your audience. No two branding sessions are alike. Being your own brand is a lot of work, but having the right visual tools to make it happen is going to be a huge time-saver.


For the past few years we’ve worked with the Willems Student Marketing Team brainstorming ideas on how to photograph their team/brand and set them apart from the previous years group. If you have not heard of this group, they’re all DECA students from the Appleton Area School District who have this opportunity to blend their academic knowledge and work on local real-world projects. Introducing themselves to the community and managing social media is all part of that learning experience and it’s been a fun process to work thru with them.

This year the team came up with the idea that shoes tell a story of who one is; a reflection of that individual, if you will. Brilliant, and totally unique! We chose blue tops as a consistent color for everything so as to let the shoes and their own expressions stand out the most. Staying true to WSMT’s mission of real-life experiences, I walked one student thru my process of creating a great headshot and allowed him to take over the camera for this project. Here’s what we came up with:









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QUEST ANALYTICS // Personal Branding Collection

August 29, 2018 / Personal Branding Collection

Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-02 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-03 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-04 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-05 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-06 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-07 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-08 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-09 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-10 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-12 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-13 Crimson-Creative-Group-Quest-Analytics-14

OBJECTIVE // To update Quest Analytics team headshots

SOLUTION // Capture individual personalities yet create a uniform look


OLIVER // Fresh Faces

Crimson Creative Group, Professional Headshots, Appleton Professional Photographer, Wisconsin Business Photographer, Appleton Business Photographer Crimson-Creative-Group-Oliver-Headshots-05 Crimson-Creative-Group-Oliver-Headshots-04 Crimson-Creative-Group-Oliver-Headshots-03 Crimson-Creative-Group-Oliver-Headshots-02 Crimson-Creative-Group-Oliver-Headshots-01


OBJECTIVE // To create personal branding images that are relatable to a wide range of companies and multiple generations.

SOLUTION // Photographing Oliver in a clean, classic style while capturing his sincere personality for his personal branding collection.

STEPHEN // Personal Branding Collection

Crimson Creative Group, Personal Branding Photographer, Small Business Photographer, Appleton Small Business Photographer, Fox Cities Business Owners, Fox Cities Photographer Crimson-Creative-Group-Stephen-Witchell-02 Crimson-Creative-Group-Stephen-Witchell-03

OBJECTIVE // To spotlight who is behind the scenes in our community running one of Appleton’s newest coffee shops and gathering spaces, Tempest Coffee Collective 

SOLUTION // To share images that share the true nature and personality of one of our community’s dreamers and doers

CHRISTOPHER MANGLESS // Personal Branding Collection

Crimson Creative Group, Christopher Mangless, Three Three Five Green Bay, Green Bay Foodie, Green Bay Restaurant Photographer Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five02 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five03 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five04 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five05 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five06 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five07 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five08 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five09 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five10 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five11 Crimson-Creative-Group-Christopher-Mangless-Three-Three-Five12

OBJECTIVE // To capture the concentration, thoughtfulness, and intention that goes into preparing creations by Christopher Mangless at Three Three Five 

SOLUTION // To reflect the emotional connection Christopher experiences and shares through his artistic creations

JILL // Personal Branding Collection

Female Professional Headshots Crimson-Creative-Group-Female-Professional-Headshots-02 Crimson-Creative-Group-Female-Professional-Headshots-03

OBJECTIVE // To create personal branding images that are relatable to multiple generations and seasoned companies.

SOLUTION // Photographing Jill in a clean, classic style as well as a warm, inviting environment giving her two clear and concise personal branding collections.

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